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Southfield Youth Assistance (SYA) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) prevention program that focuses on providing services to youth and their families within the Southfield/Lathrup Village areas. We provide short-term counseling services for youth who need additional support at home, school, or within the community, while also engaging them in positive experiences and enhancing their social, academic, and interpersonal skills.

Southfield Youth Assistance (SYA) Board of Directors

The SYA Volunteer Board of Directors is a "working" Board that diligently strives to provide family education programs, mentoring opportunities, and fundraising events to support youth programming. Through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), issued by the city of Southfield; SYA is able to provide Skill Building Scholarships to low-income youth. The CDBG funds allow eligible youth to participate in various positive activities (e.g. day and overnight camps, music, dance, sports, and other enrichment activities) that they may not otherwise be able to participate in because of their financial situations.


Our Mantra

Strengthening Families Through Community Involvement.



The mission of Southfield Youth Assistance is to strengthen youth and families and to reduce the incidences of delinquency, abuse, and neglect through community involvement.

About Us

Annual Report 2018

Historial Background



Southfield Youth Assistance has been operational since 1958 and has undergone significant changes in Board leadership since its transition from Southfield Parent Youth Guidance.  The Board has stabilized with ten active Board members who are continuously seeking community partnership opportunities to engage families in positive supportive activities. The goal of each Board sponsored activity is to inform, educate and empower families to sustain healthy relationships and academic success while simultaneously connecting families to appropriate community resources, services, and events. 



Oakland County Youth Assistance Foundational Information 


Oakland County Youth Assistance (OCYA) operates in partnership with Oakland County Circuit Court-Family Division, Oakland County Municipalities and Oakland County School Districts.  Youth Assistance programs are functional in School Districts throughout Oakland County.  The operational budget for each Youth Assistance Office is supported by Oakland County Circuit Court-Family Division, the public school entity, and the host city; with principal funding appropriated by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners. 


Programs, events and activities are coordinated by Boards of Directors who are responsible for setting annual goals; and identifying funding opportunities through sponsorships, grants, and additional partnership connections to establish sustainable programs.  


Youth Assistance programs and services are available and operational year round and each Youth Assistance Office carries its own 501(c)(3) designation. Program offerings are unique to the designated community, based on the community’s needs that are identified through casework services; and police, school, community and parent referrals.

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